Seki Mini japönsku baunaskærin 3,5 cm

4.890 kr
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How small can the very best scissors be? This was the playful challenge of Hasegawa Cutlery, established in 1933 as a manufacturer of edged tools in Seki, which is known as Japan's foremost cutlery town. The result was the adorable and remarkably sharp Seki Mini Scissors. They are a true labor of love from a company with a commitment to time-tested craftsmanship and inventive ideas.

The silk tassel adoring the scissors is made by MARIMO of Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The scissors come in a genuine leather case branded with Cohana's special logo.

The English product name is “Seki Mini Scissors.” Its Japanese name is “Seki no mame basami.” “Mame” means “beans” in Japanese, which expresses smallness as a bean. In Japanese culture, when describing something really small without using the word "small," the word "mame" is used instead. The word "mame" has a sense of cuteness and attachment within the word rather than the word "small," which merely expresses size. For example, we call the smallest size Shiba dogs “Mame-shiba.” The smallest size plate that fits in the palm of your hand is called ”mame-zara." So we thought “Mame basami” would be a great name for these tiny sciccors, and named them “Seki no mame basami.” 

The Seki Mini Scissors have been one of the best selling products for its surprising size, 35mm in length, and practicality.  In 2021, they were selected as a recommended souvenir by the Tokyo Chuo City Tourism Association with customers’ recommendations.

Simply pinch lightly to cut cleanly through thread, cloth, or other thin material with ease. The blade length is only 8 mm, but they are very sharp! It is useful not only in your sewing box, but also in your bag pocket or in a pouch for small occasions when you need scissors on the go.

Examples of Use

・Cutting loose threads at the hem of your clothes

・Cutting product tags after shopping

・Cutting bags of snacks and supplements

 You can even bring them on board the plane, so you can enjoy your on going project while traveling.