Kid Mohair 25 gr. - Light sand color

690 kr

Our Kid Mohair yarn is a fine Mohair yarn made from 67% Kid Mohair and 33% Polyester.

The yarn is particularly suitable as a companion thread, but can certainly be used alone by winding more than one thread together. Gives your craft a really nice soft texture.

13 colors available, different from each color. The yarn is sold in 25 gr. nuts.

If you order 50/75/100 gr. it is handled in one nut. Example, if you order 150 gr. they come in one 100 gr. and one 50 gr. nut.

Content 67% Kid Mohair and 33% Polyester
Weight 25 gr.
Length 50 gr. about 500 m.

Why doesn't the yarn have a species name?

Our yarn comes from Italy and is produced for the fashion industry, it is due to overproduction, the big fashion houses order too large quantities of yarn which then end up in stock and stay there for days until it is finally thrown away. It is estimated that over a million tons of yarn end up as waste in the textile industry every year. Garnsalan is proud to take part in saving yarn from destruction and thereby taking part in environmental issues and waste of valuables.

By shopping Kid Mohair, you are saving yarn from being wasted.