Italian 100% Merino wool 230 gr. - Earth

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Italian 100% Merino wool yarn.

Our Italian Merino yarn is made from 100% merino wool and has a natural texture.

Soft and slightly rustic 4-thread wool yarn in natural colors, it can be used alone, single or double, or with other complementary yarns, for example. Mohair, on this page you can find many beautiful colors and mixtures of Mohair, see here: Kid Mohair and Brushed Mohair

The yarn holds its shape very well and is durable, even after long use. The merino yarn has a good hold so the garment stays well. At the same time, this wool yarn can be used for a variety of purposes, both as knitting, crochet yarn for sweaters and much more.

Content 100% Merino wool

Weight Article 230 NOTE Thickness is abnormal

Length 50 gr. around 150 m.

Needle size 4

Knit fastening , on 4 mm. knit 21 loops = 10 cm. the yarn can withstand even larger needles, it is best to make your own needle holder before starting.

Laundered , handmade wool products should generally be hand washed with wool detergent/soap, if you want to use a washing machine, do a small knitting test and wash it first, remember to set the wool program and use detergent for wool. Drying, it is best to lay it on a horizontal surface for drying, if the floor is warm it is ideal to lay the garment on the floor on a clean towel, or on a washing rack, never hang newly washed woolen garments on cables with clips.

Why doesn't the yarn have a species name?

Our yarn comes from Italy and is produced for the fashion industry, it is due to overproduction, the big fashion houses order too large quantities of yarn which then end up in stock and stay there for days until it is finally thrown away. It is estimated that over a million tons of yarn end up as waste in the textile industry every year. Garnsalan is proud to take part in saving yarn from destruction and thereby taking part in environmental issues and waste of valuables.

By shopping Italian 100% Merino wool yarn, you are saving yarn from being wasted.