Horus Mohair Merino wool 250 gr. - Off white

5.990 kr

Horus is an off-white silky Mohair Merino blended yarn.

Beautiful yarn made from pure natural materials. A silky blend of merino and mohair with a beautiful sheen. The yarns go extremely well with Baby Alpakka Merino and Baby Alpakka Suri (coming in hunting green and dark beige).

The yarn is suitable for dyeing.

Weight 250 gr.

Length 50 gr. around 100 m.

Needle size 4 mm.

Knitting pattern: 20 stitches = 10 cm. Remember to do your own testing.

Keep in mind that colors may vary depending on computer-phone screens.

Washing: Handmade wool products should generally be hand washed with wool detergent/soap. If you want to use a washing machine, do a small knitting test and wash it first. Remember to set a wool program and use detergent for wool. Drying, always lay on a horizontal surface to dry. If the floor is hot, it is ideal to lay the garment on the floor on a clean towel or on a washing rack. Never hang newly washed woolen garments on cords with clips.

Why is our yarn not a specific brand?

The yarn comes from the land of design and high fashion, Italy itself. The yarn comes from clothing manufacturers who have ordered excess yarn for certain product lines. This is often done in order to be sure to have material for upcoming orders.

This is therefore a yarn that is of a higher quality than is usually available on the general market, as the well-known fashion houses and brands make high demands on materials. Here you have the opportunity to buy the best at a favorable price.

By shopping Horus, you are saving yarn from destruction.