Cohana bean scissors 3.5 cm. - Green

4.990 kr

Cohana are Japanese handmade design products of the highest quality.

The bean scissors or Seki Mini as they are called in Japanese are only 3.5 cm long and come with a genuine leather cover.

The scissors are quite unique. Solidly built, airy and incredibly easy to use even though they are small. The Japanese have long been known for quality steel in knives and scissors.

Due to its small size, Seki Mini can be taken in hand luggage on flights. It is therefore particularly suitable for those who travel only with hand luggage.

If the scissors get wet, dry them well to prevent rust.
Cutting hard objects with force can seriously damage the blade.
The blade can be damaged by dropping them on a hard floor.

The cover is made of genuine leather and may stretch a little. If it gets wet, color may fade.
The sash is made of real silk, color may fade over time during use, and/or due to moisture or UV rays.

Always store in case after use.

Keep out of the reach of infants.

Our Cohana products come in beautiful gift packaging.

An ideal gift of opportunity.